Crackdown on blue badge bandits in Glasgow

At least 30 motorists per month have been caught in Glasgow for misusing a blue badge to park in places restricted to disabled individuals amid a crackdown launched by parking wardens.

Latest stats show 200 of the permits have been seized from motorists since May, whilst 85 automobiles have been impounded after city councils were given new authority to stamp out misuse.

Laws brought in earlier this year enables parking attendants to confiscate a blue badge should they think it is being abused by a person besides the badge-holder. 

The permits can also be confiscated if they are revealed to belong to somebody who has died, or if they have been reported stolen.

Because of the new powers 2 hundred disabled blue badges have already been seized by Glasgow’s car parking attendants since May.

The blue badge system is a service for disabled individuals which allows them entry to parking bays which are typically closer to work, shops and other community services such as hospitals and clinics, and is used by about 230,000 in Scotland.

Elaine McDougall, Glasgow City Council's Exec Member for Transportation, Environment and Sustainability, said that the change to the law helps officials handle the unlawful use of blue badges across the city.

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Parenting Custom Badges

A while ago I wrote a somewhat soppy article referred to as the Mummy Badge. I spoke about when my small people were tiny, and that I was required to go somewhere with out them, it felt like I was missing a arm or leg. I needed absolutely everyone to know I was a mum. In hindsight the bags below my eyes as well as slightly deranged swaying from side to side, was obviously a dead giveaway. Nonetheless it started a conversation about some other badges parents require.
More often than not unknown people in the street like to stop and coo at your little one and also inform you how stunning the infant is. That's excellent. All is well in the world. At times however strangers love to offer you helpful remarks and advice. Being very British and also polite, we smile and grit our teeth through the exchange. But later on we spend a excessive length of time coming up with the perfect response to the comments that had giving an Oscar worthy fake laugh.
With the help from some of my beautiful readers which explained essentially the most irritating stranger comments, I present to you: Parenting Badges...

1) In the event it has been a bad night, and the next individual that asks you how the infant is sleeping are going to be witness to some thing not so pretty...

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Merit Badge University hosts 2 hundred Boy Scouts

The 17th yearly Merit Badge University was hosted Sat at New Mexico State University-Alamogordo and aided about 200 Boy Scouts from Alamogordo, El Paso and Las Cruces complete prerequisites for their badges.

"It is a chance for scouts within the area to come together and perform far more than just the traditional and out of doors skills," Assistant Troop 147 Scoutmaster Dan Cass said. "We are not going to develop professionals in any fields however we offer 20 plus merit badges this year that give them an eye-opening (experience) to know if it's something they might want to follow further in life."  

The classes of Merit Badge University 2015 included topics like aviation, citizenship of the nation and entire world, environmental science, first aid, golf, auto maintenance, crime prevention, dental care, emergency preparation, genealogy, drafting, law, personal financial management, engineering, radio, communications, fingerprinting, plumbing, fire health and safety, skating, space discovery, veterinary medicine and weather.

"We get professionals from everything like doctors of veterinary medicine to a radio owner and operator," Cass said. "We also have some physical fitness related sessions like skating and golfing." 

He reported the event gives Scouts the chance to check out activities that would not be open to a lot of today's children's.

"Alamogordo's only got 4 troops and we've got nearly 200 Scouts and possibly 50 adults out here and not many are in fact from around here," Cass claimed. "They are from Las Cruces and El Paso and rather truthfully they come here each and every year as it's a way for their Scouts to do something that even in big metropolitan areas, they don't provide you with the same things." 

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Utah Teen Receives All 141 Badges Offered by the Boy Scouts of America: 'Only a Few Ever Accomplish This,' Say Boy Scouts

17-year-old Eagle Scout Joseph Chou of Cedar Hills, Utah, has completed what only some boy scouts have ever before managed to accomplish - receiving all 141 merit badges given by the Boy Scouts of the USA.

"This is undoubtedly really scarce," Boy Scouts of America Communications Overseer Deron Smith says to PEOPLE. "With around 2.4 million students in the program, only a few ever achieve this." 

On Tuesday, August 25, Chou was given the Cedar Hills Champion award by the community mayor and city council staff during a ceremony at City Hall for his achievements. His name was imprinted onto a plaque, he received a commemoration badge and that following Wed was officially deemed "Joseph Chou Day," in the small Utah town. 

Congratulatory mail have been posted to the teenager by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Sen. Mike Lee and also Sen. Orrin Hatch. 

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Searching for Summertime Memories, Merit Badges

Individuals of Boy Scout Troop 850 (Glasgow residents, all) took to the Missouri August 4th in pursuit of merit badges for Theatre, Pioneering, and Canoeing, plus some good, clean fun in sunshine.

Scout Master Sean Esaias and Asst Scout Masters Kyle Gibson and Sterling Beck headed the team of boys on their organized 74-mile trip from Boy Scout Park to the Hwy 13 bridge in Wolf Point. In reality, the excursion was predominantly the boys' plan.

"The guys required at least a 50-mile excursion to acquire a merit badge," Gibson informed the Courier, "and this was some thing they wanted to have a shot at."

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Boy Scouts gain bicycling badges

Sweat dripped off their faces. Their quadriceps were aching. The sunlight beat down warmth on their shoulders.

Despite sizzling temperatures and even powerful headwinds, 4 local boy scouts carried out a 50-mile bike ride June 20.

Most people they were biking with were mature persons who desired to really challenge themselves and consequently support the Quality of Life Group by means of joining in with the Cowtown Classic. For the boys, though, it had not been just pertaining to spending the day on their cycles - it was all about working for merit badges. 

If you are looking to purchase badges for a scouts group, a school or maybe even just for personal use, Badges Plus have a huge range of high-quality, competitively priced badges available. 

"I feel it is a great deal that they were allowed to accomplish this - the fact they put a satisfactory amount of energy in to accomplish it, as it's difficult," explained volunteer Steve Foster, that's affiliated with the Dickinson County Cycling Group.


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Gymnasts obtain Badges

Bury Spectrum Gym Club tasted numerous accomplishments at a badge competition with regard to their recreational gymnasts.

The hosts performed highly to claim a good number of awards ahead of the going to Beccles Gymnastics Club.

Spectrum gymnasts Clara Evans in addition to Jasmine Steady finished first in the 5-6 age group category for badge one.

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Scouts make new badges for the digital age

As closely linked to the Scouts as the woggle and also the khaki shorts, badges have long been put on with pleasure, conscientiously acquired and, generally, poorly sewn on.

Woodcraft and cooking, orienteering and watching birds are actually probably the most popular awards in the Scouting movement’s 107-year history. However the famous badges are to see a change: out go wood-whittling, blacksmithery along with other old-school notions of what young people needs to be doing to enhance their characters and in come some much more up-to-date ideas covering computer whizzery, disability awareness, understanding global issues, photography as well as helping out in food banks and othercommunity-based projects.

In all, 250 badges are to be presented or updated over the six to 18 age groups in what the Scouting Association shows is actually its biggest revamp of the movement. The wave of modernisation began 2 years ago whenever a new Scout promise was announced that enables atheists to skip the “God” part of the oath that newbies must take whenever they join.

An enormous range of hobbies and activities are actually mirrored in Scout badges, from horseback riding to sailing, coxswain to smallholder, air navigation to parascending. While some happen to be updated to mirror safety guidelines or science, others, like snowboarding, geocaching and paddle sports, have already been brought in to cover new passions and exercises which may not have been with us a couple of decades back.

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Jude's badges generate cash for Comic Relief

Jude Hamilton-Matthews, Six, with a few from the custom made badges he has made to generate hard earned cash for Comic Relief

A PLYMOUTH six yr old is deserving of a badge of honor right after earning above £100 for Comic Relief.

Little Jude Hamilton-Matthews, from Plympton, has raised greater than £100 intended for Red Nose Day by making badges.

6 year old Jude commenced building badges two weeks ago with the aspiration of raising £20.00 immediately after staying encouraged by The Great Comic Relief Bake Off. Although he has already produced £111 and definitely will sell badges to his fellow Yealmpstone Farm Primary School learners today.

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Hampshire Swindler Selling Fake Poppy Appeal Badges

A Hampshire swindler conned his way to thousands of pounds through selling fake Poppy Appeal and Help for Heroes badges.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how 28-year-old Jay Meech lured the public in to believing they were buying legitimate charity badges and making donations.

In actual fact, the badges were counterfeits manufactured and shipped from China from a mould that cost just £33, and the profits were pocketed by Meech.

Meech’s PayPal records shown almost £95000 had been credited to his account in the 6 years he ran a website, and in excess of £22000 was accounted for through the sales of the charity badges.

The remaining sum of money was obtained through selling fake football badges representing the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Southampton football clubs and more.

 It was the Premier League who first had an inkling the badges were counterfeit and raised the alarm. In true undercover shopper style, Trading Standards then submitted an order for three of Meech’s badges.


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Highschool Pupils made to wear ID Badges

Moms and dads have labeled a secondary school as 'lazy' soon after it required it's learners to put on I.D Badges to class.

Cambourne Village College, that opened up in Cambridgeshire two years ago and has 317 students, introduced labels to help kids get to know each other, handle behaviour and help teachers.

In case students neglect to wear the colour-coded tags displaying the pupils' year and also initials of their tutor group, they might encounter a detention.

The school's web site says the badges are targeted at creating a 'family feel' and claim they 'reduce the possibilities of virtually any child being unkind to others since everyone is identifiable.'

Yet moms and dads have criticised the school for not getting to know children's names and also say the concept is 'ridiculous'.

Ruth Swain, whose child in Yr 8 has actually been issued with three ID Badges, stated: 'It is regarded as the stupid concept I've ever noticed.

'I understand the school keeps growing and so they desire to keep that family feel making sure that everybody knows one another however it is just the peak of laziness. Precisely why can't teachers simply learn the names just like they always have?

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Tracking equipment in school badges raise issues

Radio frequency ID - the same technology used to keep track of livestock -- is certainly monitoring pupils in the Spring and Santa Fe school districts.
Id badges for many pupils in both school districts right now include tracking gadgets that permit campus administrators to keep track of kids' whereabouts on campus. School leaders say the devices improve safety while increasing attendance rates.

"It's an excellent asset," mentioned Veronica Vijil, principal of Bailey Middle School in Spring, one of the schools that introduced the high-tech badges this fall.
However, some parents and also personal privacy advocates wonder if the technology can have unintentional consequences. The tags remind these people of George Orwell's Big Brother, and they be concerned that cyber-terrorists might figure a way to monitor pupils once they get away from school.
Id theft as well as stalking may be serious issues, some reported.

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