How Name Badges Can Improve Your Workplace

Walmart was the first business to require all its staff to wear name badges. (There's a surprise!) Sam Walton created this initiative as he desired his customers to "get to know the people they purchased from."

However the value of employee name badges spans beyond getting to understand people, it's all about being approachable. So regardless of whether you work in retail, hospitality, food service or sales, to wear a name tag is an important thing as you need to provide top notch customer service to go along with your gleaming name badge!

Here are some ways name tags will help your employees maintain an accessible, comfortable business environment.

I have a bad habit of putting too much hot sauce on everything... Recently, after I wolfed down a Tobasco covered bite of my cheeseburger, I realized that I desperately needed a refill of water to regain feeling in my throat and lips. My waiter walked right by, but unfortunately I failed to get his attention because I didn't know his name. Why? You got it: he wasn't wearing a name badge! Which meant no water for me!

Tip # 1: A name tag makes it much easier for customers to acquire the attention of an employee from whom they need service. Without it, the customers will either find someone else to help them, or won't get what they need, which is a bad impression on the organisation.

Imagine you walk into a shop. You look around the aisles for a few minutes and decide that you want to talk with a sales associate. You look around, notice a few people, but nobody looks like a member of staff. After embarrassingly asking a handful of strangers who don't actually work there, you begin to get annoyed and leave the shop.

Tip # 2: The most crucial law in retail is to "make a friend as quickly as possible." The fastest and surest method of doing this is to share with and remind customers of your employees' names. This promotes self-disclosure and helps to create comfort in the discussion. So when you put your customers at ease, the sales method may well be more friendly.

Maybe you have started a fresh career and didn't know everyone's name until the 3rd month? Or the organization you've contributed a decade to yet still don't know the name of that girl from the 2nd floor? Let's be honest: people are terrible with remembering names. It's the sole context of human memory most likely to end up forgotten.

Tip # 3: Particularly for businesses with hundreds of employees, name badges for your colleagues is only going to ease their pain and promote a synergized place of work.

Another invaluable advantage of name badges is that they will revitalize your employees into ambassadors. Ask folks who work in real estate, they wear name badges every single day! Several agents even wear two name badges: one on their shirt and an additional magnetized to the side of their car! As silly as it looks, everybody will know that that person is a general manager at a specific place of work.

Tip #4: A name badge instantaneously identifies a member of staff as a General Manager of the business. As a result, it helps to keep her answerable for her actions whilst she wears the name badge and promotes good word of mouth for the business.

Your name badge is just like your company's billboard. Except it's free once they are purchased without having to pay a monthly fee and people will genuinely look at it for more than six seconds. So, when clients or customers work with your employees, they'll be in contact with your logo, colours and brand identification. Because of this your name badge turns into a highly effective medium for free advertising.

Tip #5: A properly designed name badge will constantly maintain your businesses brand, logo and corporate culture in the minds of your customers and prospects.

Name badges are exciting as kids like them, adults like them, they promote friendliness in the workplace and promote a feeling of community. And people want to spend their money in places, on items and with people that are welcoming and approachable. Sometimes there's even more information on the name badges about what the employee likes to do and what their favourite foods are etc