Gender Defining Badges To Be Realeased 2018

Badges for people to decide on and exhibit their desired gender pronoun, for example 'he' or 'she', are being released.

Brighton & Hove City Council employees
as well as associates are releasing a city wide campaign #MyPronounsAre to mark Trans Day of Visibility on 30 March 2018.

Some badges also say "please use my name" although some remain blank for users to fill in by themselves.

This campaign
has been created with assistance and input from local LGBT+ community organizations - such as the Clare Project and Trans Alliance, the council's LGBT Workers Forum, local NHS trusts, the University of Brighton and Sussex Police.

The badges are now being sent out to
pretty much all establishments, and will also be accessible to the public throughout the week beginning 26th March.

Ms Daniel, chair of the neighbourhoods, inclusion,
residential areas and equal rights board, added in: "Now there is more freedom and safety to be ourselves. But there's still more to do.

"Who a person is may not match what you expect and may not be defined easily. If someone's pronouns differ from what you assume, it's for you to adapt and it's OK to ask.

"We're proud of being a diverse city, and the council is committed to equality and inclusion for all people including our trans and non-binary residents.

"Read the badge, respect people, it's that easy."