Crackdown on blue badge bandits in Glasgow

At least 30 motorists per month have been caught in Glasgow for misusing a blue badge to park in places restricted to disabled individuals amid a crackdown launched by parking wardens.

Latest stats show 200 of the permits have been seized from motorists since May, whilst 85 automobiles have been impounded after city councils were given new authority to stamp out misuse.

Laws brought in earlier this year enables parking attendants to confiscate a blue badge should they think it is being abused by a person besides the badge-holder. 

The permits can also be confiscated if they are revealed to belong to somebody who has died, or if they have been reported stolen.

Because of the new powers 2 hundred disabled blue badges have already been seized by Glasgow’s car parking attendants since May.

The blue badge system is a service for disabled individuals which allows them entry to parking bays which are typically closer to work, shops and other community services such as hospitals and clinics, and is used by about 230,000 in Scotland.

Elaine McDougall, Glasgow City Council's Exec Member for Transportation, Environment and Sustainability, said that the change to the law helps officials handle the unlawful use of blue badges across the city.


Ms McDougall stated: “What these numbers show is that there are many folks who think they are able to get away with making use of someone else’s blue badge.



“The rules on the misuse of blue badges are quite clear. It's an offence to use a blue badge except if it's for the benefit of the badge holder.

“Those who misuse the system are depriving disabled people of opportunities the rest of society disregard. The new law allows our car parking attendants to deal with cases of misuse considerably more successfully. "

The new steps unveiled in the Disabled Person’s Parking Badges (Scotland) Act 2014 came into effect 30 March 2015, but were just imposed in May following a booklet campaign to make sure motorists were fully briefed with the new regulations and fines.

Study by Transport Scotland discovered 83 per cent of qualified users had experienced misuse of blue badges or disabled parking spaces.

3 years ago, Glasgow councillor Sohan Singh was suspended by his party for unlawfully using a blue badge while out on council business.

Ms McDougall said: “Glasgow deals with the needs of disabled individuals in a number of ways however when an individual misuses a badge, they don’t just take a parking space, they deny a parking space to a person with a disability.

“While we encourage the outcome so far, we want to experience a reduction in this undesirable actions.”