Children commemorate extraordinary accomplishment of earning Each and every cub and beaver badges

“I believe they express a message that there is help out there for young people, and that all kids can achieve, succeed and turn into proud of themselves.”

These dedicated Cub Scouts in addition to Beavers have almost run out of space on their outfits - after making every single badge there exists.

As anyone who ever put on a woggle will know, there’s a huge number of badges to be earned in each section of the Scouting activity.

From Beavers (ages 6-8), by way of Cubs (ages 8-10½), as well as on to Scouts (ages 10½-14), countless badges reward proficiency or even endeavour in a specific skill, time put in the movement and also conquering challenges or even expeditions.

So it’s quite rare to find not one, nevertheless three lads in a scout group who've got the lot!

Liam Ford, 10, has been awarded every one of the 62 badges possible as a cub scout for skills ranging from horse riding to knot-tying and martial arts training.

And hot in his heals are nine-year-old Daniel Ford in addition to seven-year-old Harry Nicholson who have similarly managed to achieve every single badge at Beavers stage.

And Daniel’s achievement is perhaps all the greater because he accomplished it with the obstacle of being on the autistic variety.

Because of their achievement, all the boys has been honored the Chief Scout’s Bronze Prize - the highest award possible in Beaver Scouts.

All night . graduated to the Scouts with every possible cub scout banner - including five discontinued Challenge badges that have been replaced with new versions last year - Liam has additionally achieved the Chief Hunt Silver award double.

Revealing his much-loved badge, Liam said: “My primary badge is my personal Science badge. I’m extremely proud of my Research Badge.

“I had to accomplish an experiment.

“My second favourite badge is Book Reader. I love reading through books - With the I had to read half a dozen books, fiction and non-fiction.

“Third would be my Martial Arts badge. For that you will need to get a certain gear in a martial art inside a certain amount of time.

“I would judo.”

Lucy Nicholson, Akela of Initial Ingleby Barwick Cub Scout Group, said: “This is such a rare achievements, with very few people in the scout affiliation achieving it.

“They have completed every activity badge and challenge marker for their section.

“This is definitely an incredible achievement in addition to takes a lot of dedication, time and hard work.

“The learning from these badges has helped enjoy the boys, contributing to the kind, conscientious young men that they're becoming.

“They have learnt about the world and their local community, they have designed first aid skills and possess risen to personal difficulties.

“The knowledge and skills they have acquired will play a fundamental contribution to their lifelong growth and I believe they are both role models for other young children their age- not just those in scouts, but in the wider community.